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Posted on 24th Jul at 2:31 PM

Bathrooms labeled via “pants” and “skirts.” I hate that.

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I just got my room mate assignment and she’s a Doctor Who/ Sherlock fan so wish me luck.

Posted on 22nd Jul at 9:55 PM

P’li is the coolest. I would cosplay that for sure and I have never cosplayed before.

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Hikari Shimoda 下田ひかりFantastic Planet, Goodbye Man Eye Detail
CHG Circa Saturday, July 19th, 2014

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http://borngold.tumblr.com/post/92472648492/born-gold-i-want-to-be-naked-no-sorrow-01 »



Born Gold - I Want to be Naked
no sorrow 01 /// HOV-013 // July 22nd

better late than forever, as some guy once said
with a look on his face like his phone just went dead
after another shitty date with my fear and self-hate
i thought it might be better if we were just friends

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I’m in Chicago for pitchfork.

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