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Posted on 30th Aug at 9:49 AM

Ahh ffffuck all these people in my welcome week group talking shit about cedar riverside residents. Like you need to shush people.

Posted on 29th Aug at 6:40 PM, with 1 note

So far the only people who have talked to me repeatedly are a couple of white girls who have been describing people as “ghetto” and “hood” and connecting said people to fried chicken. Please go away.

Posted on 28th Aug at 12:41 AM

Every single time I’ve ever “confessed my feelings” to someone, I’ve been rejected. Some ways more direct than others.

Posted on 28th Aug at 12:26 AM

fuckboy sounds like a good thing imo

Posted on 27th Aug at 10:09 PM, with 16 notes


totally slept on this one but everything Wave Racer touches is gold. Not a fan of Foster the People tho ;)

Posted on 27th Aug at 11:04 AM, with 4 notes


Grimes’ new video for “Go” ft. Blood Diamonds

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